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NFL Concussion Study

Dr. Roberts and her associates provided Neurocognitive and Medical evaluations to 30 former NFL Players at the Redwood City NFL Alumni Headquarters in October of 2015. Former Players in the San Francisco Bay Area with concussion related Neurocognitive Disorder will be eligible to participate in a clinical trial of Neurofeedback, directed by Dr. Roberts.

Eileen Roberts Ph.D.

Eileen-headshot-s          Dr. Eileen Roberts received her doctorate from the University of South Florida in Tampa, and has been a licensed psychologist for 35 years. She has held research and teaching appointments at the University of South Florida and the Florida Mental Health Institute (now the Louis de LaParte Institute), and has helped to develop behavioral medicine programs for several of Tampa Bay’s most prestigious hospitals.

         Dr. Roberts now practices in Northern California and in recent years she has specialized in Neurofeedback and other brain based interventions for neuropsychiatric issues. Dr. Roberts has been using Neurofeedback for ten years and has over 400 hours of post-doctoral training in EEG assessment, brain/behavior relationships and neurofeedback treatment. Dr. Roberts is trained to provide five different types of Neurofeedback:  Cygnet infralow frequency training, BrainMaster z-score/sLORETA training, Neurofield, HPN Neurologic microcurrent stimulation and Peak Performance Gamma training. She is a certified provider of The Listening Program and In Time.

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