Dr. Roberts and her associates provided Neurocognitive and Medical evaluations to 30 retired NFL Players at the Redwood City NFL Alumni Headquarters in October of 2015. Retired Players in the San Francisco Bay Area with concussion related Neurocognitive Disorder will be eligible to participate in a clinical trial of Neurofeedback, directed by Dr. Roberts.


Repeated Traumatic Brain Injury or even a single concussion can lead to adverse symptoms days, weeks, months, years or even decades after the onset of injury. Executive function, emotion and behavior are among the first to be impacted.

Proper Assessment

Common assessment techniques and tools can only detect a concussion within 7-10 days of injury onset, and have no way of understanding long-term implications. "Brain Mapping" can detect a single concussion with 96% accuracy up to 4 months after injury, and can track the impact of repeated injuries over multiple year's time.

Proper Treatment

Age old concussion treatment includes rest, precautions and medication to mask symptoms. Long-term treatment usually involves a mental health diagnosis and a list of medications. We treat the core of the problem and directly re-balance the brain to function more optimally.

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