Carol Maloy

Carol started working with us 5 years ago as both an office manager and technician. She runs client sessions and also keeps our paperwork in order. She manages payments, client scheduling, and insurance billing. Carol seamlessly integrates her patience, organizational skills, and persistence to keep our office running smoothly. In her free time Carol loves to paint, do crafts, and spend time with her family.

Mallory Kroeck BCN

Mallory is a Board Certified Neurofeedback Clinician and has a strong background in rehabilitation programs for adolescents and adults dealing with trauma, addiction, and homelessness. Mallory completed her undergraduate coursework at University of California, Santa Cruz where she received a BS in Cognitive Science and a BA in Psychology. Mallory administers neurocognitive testing as well as neurofeedback sessions in our office. She completed her Neurofeedback Clinician’s Certification through BCIA and is a certified Irlen Screener. Mallory also loves spending time hiking, creating art, and reading.

Ellen Setchko Palmerlee

Ellen is passionate about non-invasive rehabilitative therapies that work with the brain’s plastic ability to rewire. In May of 2016 she graduated from Mount Holyoke College where she majored in Neuroscience and minored in Dance. Her interest in neurofeedback began when a friend with epilepsy was helped through neurofeedback. Ellen first began working in the office as an intern and is now a Neurofeedback Technician. She runs BrainMaster, Cygnet, HPN, and NeuroField sessions with clients. Ellen is also trained to administer TAVS (test of auditory and visual skills), CNSVS, IVA, and is trained to screen for Irlen Syndrome. In her free time she enjoys dancing, cooking, and making earrings.