Do you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines? Would you like to stop relying on medications to get you through the day? Do you want to find a long-term solution to minimizing your headaches? We are here to help.

Come in for an informational meeting and we can create a plan that works for you. Call (707) 338-9084 to schedule a consult.

Here are a few of the options that we offer in office which can specifically help prevent and/or cure chronic migraines.

Neurofeedback can help rewire and strengthen the brain. Each client receives specialized treatment, meaning that we make an individualized program based on the needs of each person. The specific type of neurofeedback that may best fit your needs will be determined during your first office visit. Please read a more in-depth description about neurofeedback here.

Migraines often present after periods of high-stress or when our bodies are in “fight or flight” mode. Biofeedback is a tool to measurephysiology, which gives feedback about the state of the nervous system. With this information, people are able to change physiology, which can help to get our bodies back into a rest and repair state. Over time, our nervous system steps out of this hyper-vigilant state, preventing migraines from ever occurring.
We have many biofeedback devices and software in our office. We use both Heart Math and Alive in office and also have many available for rental.

HEG (hemoencephalography) biofeedback uses an infraredsensor(usually placed on the forehead) to measure blood flow. A visual feedbackis then shown to the client which allows them to increase blood flow. Anincrease in blood flow helps with cell repair and metabolism. Blood flow isparticularly critical for people with migraines and HEG is a useful tool forthis.

Irlen Syndrome
If you think your headaches and migraines are caused by stress,the Irlen Method may be able to help. Environmental factors can trigger stress.The Irlen Method eliminates the environmental factors that may be triggering your stress and causing your headaches and migraines. Stress headaches and headaches without medical cause may be related to light sensitivity and visually-intensive activities and eliminated with Irlen Spectral Filters.

We screen for Irlen's syndrome in our office and can provide colored overlays on the same day. We refer for specialized lens filters as well.